Ceramic Kiln Ball Alumina Ceramic Grinding Ball

Inert alumina balls are widely used in petroleum, chemical engineering, fertilizer, smelting, and gas and environment protection.
They are used as covering and supporting material of catalyst in reaction vessel and as packing in towers. Ceramic ball has the
feature of high temperature and, low water absorption, and stable chemical performance. It can not only resist the corrosion
from the acid, alkali and other organic solvent, but also the temperature change in production process. The main role of inert
ceramic ball is to increase the distributing spot of gas or liquid, also support and protect the activated catalyst with low strength.













Widely Used in automotive exhaust catalyst carriers.

Packaging, transportation, storage
Packing: Inner plastic outer braided film bag, net weight 25kg per bag.
Transportation: This product is non-dangerous, and it is protected from moisture, rain and packaging during transportation.
Storage: Store in a dry and ventilated warehouse.


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