ISO Certificate Zirconia Ceramic Grinding Ball



Zirconia Ceramic media Properties

Properties Unit Data
Composition wt% 94.6% ZrO2    5.2% Y2O3
Specific density g/cm3 5.95-6.0
Moh’s hardness grade > 9.0
Elastic modulus Gpa 205
Thermal conductivity W/m.k 3
Crushing load Kn >20 (Dia 7 mm)
Fracture toughness Mpa m1/2 7-10
Grain size µm <0.5
Thermal expansion
Coefficient (20-400 ºC)
10*10-6/ºC(20-400) 11
Size range of beads
Size range of cylinder


Yttria zirconia beads can be used in milling and dispersion of following materials,

  1. Coating, paints, printing and inkjet inks
  2. Pigments and dyes
  3. Pharmaceuticals
  4. Food
  5. Electronic materials and components e.g. CMP slurry, ceramic capacitors,  lithium iron phosphate battery
  6. Chemicals including Agrochemicals e.g. fungicides, insecticides
  7. Minerals e.g. TiO2 GCC and Zircon
  8. Bio-tech (DNA & RNA isolation)
  9. Flow distribution in process technology
  10. Vibro-grinding and polishing of jewelrys, gemstones & aluminum wheels


Main Advantage

1. Preventing material from contamination because of its extreme low wear rate.

2. High grinding efficiency.

3. Lower total costs due to longer using life.



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